A Feast For Crows - Book Design

by Bruno Cunha

The art is a composite of over 30 images, representing the nobility behind the violence of wars, dividing the spoils in the aftermath of the events, indifferent to the lives lost. Just like the actual crows flying above, feasting at the bodies in the battlefield, here they set their table on the field, their backs to the war, feasting on the spoils of chaos and violence they've sown as a new dawn breaks through the grim looking skies (a nod to the previous book "A Storm of Swords". "Who is the sun rising for?" is the question lingering in the air like the dust raised by the conflict.


Bronze in Book Design 2021, Student

Bronze in Digital Art 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Bruno Cunha

University or Design School

InFocus Film School

Design Team

Leila Singleton - Instructor