Fantasy Trilogy

by Bonggu(Jeremy) Kang

'Fantasy Trilogy' is a conceptual book set of three children’s fantasy fiction written by Michael Ende. Michael Ende is one of the most famous German authors of the 20th century known for his epic fantasy children’s novels, The Neverending Story, Momo, Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver, and more. The concept of grouping the books and the whole design is a sort of tribute to Michael Ende. This book set can be published as a limited edition or a gift edition for all the fans of his masterworks.

The ornamental illustrations were created for each book cover and a container. The illustrations were drawn in an ornate and decorative style that contains the complicated symbols and figures from each book. For instance, at the bottom of each cover illustrations, one of each book's main characters are shown, including the 'Falkor', a Luck Dragon, from 'Neverending Story', the 'Cassiopeia,' a tortoise from 'Momo', and 'Emma', the steam locomotive, from 'Jim Button and Luke the engine driver.' And there are numerous symbols and characters mixed in the cover illustrations.

A whimsical font was chosen for these fantastic stories, and the colours of each book represent the atmosphere and background of each story.


Silver in Book Design 2021, Student

Silver in Packaging Design 2021, Student

Silver in Illustration 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Bonggu(Jeremy) Kang

University or Design School

LaSalle College Vancouver

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