Divine Divers

by Bonggu(Jeremy) Kang

'Divine Divers' is a three-pack taster kit of ‘Omegi’ Korean millet wine. ‘Omegi’ millet wine is the specialty of the Jeju island, the largest island of the Korean peninsula. The term ‘Omegi’ in Jeju Island dialect translates to millet in English. The main theme of the project is “female divers & goddesses in Korea.” This theme was selected because the island is known for female divers called ’Haenyeo.’ as well as the main character ‘Seolmundaehalmang” is the mythological female creator of the Jeju island.

The logo designed for the Divine Divers is a simplified shape of a diver with goggles and halo. The Divine Divers' millet wine set has three different flavours made of the island's specialties: 'Original Omegi', 'Jeju Tangerine', and 'Prickly Pear.' Individual female diver illustrations were created for each flavour. Female divers in Korean traditional costumes are holding the ingredients of each flavour of the wine kit and on different kinds of seafood (oyster, octopus, shell) that match with the flavours. Top of the label has die-cutting in shapes of the sea's wave, reinforcing the characters as diving underwater.
The conceptual name for each flavour is the Korean goddess. The creator of the island 'Seolmundae Halmang' is for 'Original Omegi.' The earth Goddess of Jeju, 'Jacheongbi' is for 'Jeju Tangerine', because the sweetness of fresh tangerine suits the characteristic of 'Jacheongbi, the goddess of love and fruit. And one of the most important and shamanic goddesses in Korea, 'Baridegi' is for 'Prickly Pear.' Prickly pear is called 'The Hundred Plant' in Korea, which it helps people to live for a hundred years. And it matches the story of 'Baridegi', who once was an abandoned princess' yet she became a goddess who guides the dead souls from this world to heaven of the afterlife. Each goddess/bottle also has...


Silver in Packaging Design 2021, Student

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Bonggu(Jeremy) Kang

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LaSalle College Vancouver

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