Tune In - Music Festival Branding

by Priyam Biren Desai

I designed and branded a mock Techno Music Festival in Singapore, Gardens By The Bay. There are very few Techno festivals in Singapore as this Genre has recently been picking up a following here, there are only a handful of Techno clubs. Since there is a culture growing around it, I attempted to create a festival that would engage a wider audience and introduce them to this genre.

This festival is called Tune In, to tune into yourself, the music, your surroundings and enjoy the moment and the beauty around you and. Since this event would take place in Gardens By The Bay, I played with the visual elements and colours to create graphic elements that fit the identity of a day time Techno Music Festival. The main visual is a combination of the various elements I created to form one big illustration that is delicate and intricate yet gives the feel of a motherboard which is symbolic of the word "techno".


Gold in Branding 2021, Student

Gold in Illustration 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Priyam Biren Desai

University or Design School

Raffles Design Institute Singapore