(x, y, z)

by Tara Mukund

The title (x, y, z) references coordinates that seemingly take one to a single point on Earth. However, terrestrial coordinates normally correspond to latitudes and longitudes while (x, y, z) is a deceptive reference to the Euclidean plane. This is reflective of the illusory essence of the piece.

(x, y, z) began as simple photos of my everyday life in Seoul - sunsets, trees, books. While rooted in these tangible elements, my piece draws them into a virtual, surreal world, reflecting the in-between condition of humanity. Hints of nature and ecology provide the undertones of this new world, through mountainous forms, growth, water, and erosion. These are jumbled and reassembled using virtual duplication, glitch-like texturing, and other techniques. Seen together, these demonstrate how our world exists in a very real and yet a very virtual space. (x, y, z) is as an exploration of how the virtual blurs our borders, horizons, and realities, and accurately reflects who we are today. We are 'in-between' our past - real, palpable - and our future - incorporeal, ethereal.


Silver in Digital Art 2021, Student

Bronze in Computer Animation 2021, Student

Bronze in Mix Media/Moving Image 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Tara Mukund

University or Design School

Seoul Foreign School

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