The Guide

by Shillington Education

The graphic design handbook reinvented. The Guide is an online platform that showcases supporting material for the Shillington Graphic Design course. The Guide has over 20 years of content created by hundreds of teachers globally. It brings together over a thousand printed hand outs, technical tips, industry best practices, case studies and career guidance in one, convenient place. Exclusive to Shillington students and Shillumni.


Graphic Design of the Year 2021

Gold in Digital Design 2021

Gold in Website Design 2021

Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Anthony Wood, Shanti Sparrow, Emily Comfort

Design Company

Shillington Education

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Shillington Education

Design Team

Shanti Sparrow, Anthony Wood, Emily Comfort & Standing By Co.

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Individual Credits

Lead Creative Team: Shanti Sparrow
Lead Creative Team: Anthony Wood
Lead Creative Team: Emily Comfort