Lunch with 4 Interesting People

by Quovantis Technologies

Lunch with 4 Interesting people is a unique networking solution for seeking professional guidance. The mobile application helps bridge the gap between knowledge seekers and experts.

With just a few clicks, anyone can become a host and invite 4 people to join him/her for lunch. The reason behind the number ‘4’ is similar to the philosophy of ‘less is more’. With 5 (4 guests + 1 host) people in the room, it’s easier to have focused conversations over lunch.
Another interesting feature of the application is Lunch 4 your cause. The idea is similar- if you support a charitable cause, let others know about it by creating a Lunch with a famous celebrity. With this app, our partners want to bring together passionate people who want to create mass awareness for a cause.


Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Sonal Shah

Design Company

Quovantis Technologies

Profile Website

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Project Website

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Doug DeGroote

Design Team

Sonal Shah (Visual Design) Sandeep Bose (User Experience) Tarun Kohli (User Experience)


Entrant Companies

Quovantis Technologies, IN


Lunch With 4 Interesting People, LLC, US

Individual Credits

Visual Designer: Sonal Shah
UX Designer: Sandeep Bose
UX Designer: Tarun Kohli