The Future in Your Hands

by Yichin Chen

"The Future in Your Hands"is a visual essay that echos to the general eagerness for fortune-telling and our anxiety for a better future. It includes several quizzes that reveal the "ultimate answers" toward happiness through a series of illustrations.These illustrated quizzes are:

What is your spirit animal?
Who is your guardian angel?
Where are you now in your soul journey?
Let's find out what people don't know about you.
Who’s secretly in love with you?
Are you a healthy person?
What’s the message from the universe for you?
How rich you will be in this lifetime?

From spiritual awakening to revealing your health conditions, this visual essay will provide answers with fresh perspectives to the questions we cannot have clarity at the current moment. With light, hope, and the "divine wisdom from the universe," these drawings are here to remind us to live in our presence and have faith for our future.
Take a deep breath, follow your intuition, choose an illustration that you feel the most attracted to, and be ready to hear the calling that may or may not come from the universe. Let's trust and hold the crystal balls in our hands.


Gold in Illustration 2021, Freelancer

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Yichin Chen

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