Citizen Robotics

by Unsold Studio

“Citizen Robotics seeks to reduce the cost of housing construction through the adoption of robotic construction techniques.” Through their fab lab, they “bring these technologies to the community so that they can learn to build more effectively – using less labor and less material.” They also “upskill today's construction workforce for the future with training and opportunities to practice on new housing developments.”

Their team works with a wide array of people—from academic institutions, to corporate partners, to construction workers, to students. Instead of catering to one group, their brand identity and messaging emphasizes the pride associated with being a maker, an innovator, and a member of their movement, no matter how you fit into Citizen Robotics. This includes robots; the messaging and visual imagery humanizes the technology to show how people and robots work together for good.

The use of patches/stickers as imagery allows for play, but also as tactile “real world” opportunities—like when a fab lab member “passes” their laser cutting workshop, they can receive a physical patch/sticker to attach to their backpack or denim jacket and show-off. The patches/stickers also allow for Citizen Robotics employees to customize their uniforms and business cards, retaining personality and play, even when they’re talking about high-level tools.

Project Goals:
To create a brand identity that is professional enough to attract large partners and sponsors, while being “cool” for students/fab lab members; to use messaging to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge about robotics, but to be approachable and understandable for robotics newbies; to develop an easy-to-use design system for the Citizen Robotics team and its partners to implement day-to-day


Silver in Technology 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Meaghan Barry and Lilian Crum

Design Company

Unsold Studio

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Citizen Robotics


Individual Credits

Partner, Designer: Meaghan Barry
Partner, Designer: Lilian Crum