Live Subway Map

by Work & Co

Three entities — the MTA, the Transit Innovation Partnership, and Work & Co — came together with the goal of creating a new digital tool to help riders better plan their journeys. What resulted was the first real-time, live map of the subway system. This ambitious project marks the network’s first major redesign in four decades.

The MTA Live Subway Map is a web-based digital product that evolves the iconic New York City subway maps by Unimark International and Michael Hertz Associates. It uses the geometric clarity of Massimo Vignelli’s diagram with the geographical and organic curves by Hertz, but powers it with technology to make a map more appropriate for our time.

Using the MTA’s data, the map dynamically redraws itself to ensure train lines are up to date and move in real-time, making it simpler for millions of New Yorkers and tourists to navigate the system.

“A remarkable design feat." - AdAge.

“The foundation for public transit wayfinding around the world.” - Comm Arts.


Digital Design of the Year 2021

Gold in Digital Tools and Utilities 2021

Gold in Innovative Use of Mobile Technology 2021

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Work & Co

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Work & Co

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Felipe Memoria, Oliver Dore, Zeh Fernando, Pedro Putz, Laura Pence Ambrose, Sang Kim, Marcela Abbade, Christina Kalsow-Ramos, Karina Sirqueira, Cor...

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Work & Co, US
Metropolitan Transit Authority, US