Scaling an Agricultural Technology Startup

by Design Rocket

Agriculture Technology (AgTech) startup Vinsight had proven success with their crop forecasting model in the wine and grape industry, and were ready to expand their addressable market to include oranges, lemons, almonds, pistachios and walnuts. Yet Vinsight’s name and brand identity was tied too closely to the wine industry, limiting the company’s growth. Vinsight hired Design Rocket to redesign their brand identity, website and core platform to better position for scale, as a leading software for intelligent farming.

Design Rocket worked closely with the Vinsight co-founders to understand the new vision, mission and target users to really bring an authentic experience to the table. We started by brainstorming potential names, taking references ranging from Greek Gods to harvest terminology. We landed on the new name “Bountiful” which evoked an earthy, grounded sentiment that we felt would speak to the farmers who were seeking bountiful harvests.

We identified an opportunity to create a brand that was intelligent yet relatable by focusing the brand story on the farmers. The Bountiful brand identity followed suit, with photography from actual farms and graphics that are derived from the patterns seen from the sky from when you look down at farms. We selected purple and yellow brand colors, not only because they signify innovation, but also so that Bountiful would be differentiated from other agriculture companies.

The new brand identity and visual design make a strong statement about where AgTech is going. For web and in-product we designed an information-rich and relatable experience, to help users overcome the initial anxiety of adopting a new way of farming. With the adoption of Bountiful, farmers have a fighting chance to optimize our food system, reduce waste, and be part of a farming technological revolution.


Gold in Website Design 2021

Silver in Branding 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kajal Gala

Design Company

Design Rocket

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Bountiful (Formerly Vinsight)

Design Team

Kajal Gala, Diego Barragan, Nick Buturishvili and Paul Rosevear