The Unofficial Guide To Monopoly

by Rhea Vergis

This guide is an unofficial rulebook for first-time Monopoly players. It equips them with the necessary knowledge of the game and the cut-throat reality of real-estate. An online review mentioned this “Monopoly is the worst; the game never ends, no one knows the ‘actual’ rules, there is no pathway to victory without cheating and scandal…”

The idea was to produce a design that aimed to solve the problem of players not knowing all the rules. The individual cards not only explain the rules but also guide players on how to negotiate to win. The series of 10 icons act as a visual system to inform players of the unofficial rules made up by people who play Monopoly all over the world. The icons are modern and straightforward and the colors are inspired by the property colors in the game but are amplified to create a statement. The use of abstract patterns aims to generate a fun and immersive experience.


Silver in Branding 2021, Student

Silver in Packaging Design 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Rhea Vergis

University or Design School

Maryland Institute College Of Art

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Individual Credits

Professor: Sandra Maxa
Professor: Tony Venne
Professor: Kiel Mutschelknaus