Poder- A platform for the fitness enthusiast to find a freelance trainer

by Yuxi Liu

In revenue terms, the fitness industry growth rate is 2.6% global. The industry grew to approximately 200.000 clubs globally, serving 162 million members. PODER is a convenient mobile app for fitness enthusiasts to find and schedule an appointment with a freelance fitness trainer. It is a win-win design platform for both trainers and trainees, as well as merchants and customers.

Based on the survey, there are the summary if the problems from Fitness Customers
1. Most gyms have limited cardio machines during peak hours (usually before and after work)
2. 45% of fitness beginners feel confused without professionals fitness knowledge.
3. Most people can not keep a regular fitness schedule under the pressure of work, time, and location.
4. 70% of people believe that doing fitness under a trainer's guidance could be more efficient.

PODER is very simple to operate. There are some recommended trainers based on the comprehensive factors on the home page of the app. Tap "see all" for exploring the whole trainers and more information. Set up the user's preference at first.
The app is connected with Google Maps so that the users can find the trainer by location. When they tap any gym on the map, some available trainers will pop up; just double-tap it to view more gym information. Following the app's guide, after selecting the nearest gym, suitable trainer, and appropriate time, you can start your fitness journey.


Bronze in Apps 2021, Student

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Lead Designer

Yuxi Liu

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Pratt Institute

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