Brand Identity For ¡VIVA ESPAÑA! Flamenco Festival

by Kate Zakharova

Refreshed brand identity for the Russia’s leading flamenco festival ¡VIVA ESPAÑA! aimed to create simple, bold and easy to use system.
The new identity centres around multiple use of a fan form (worldwide recognisable symbol of flamenco art) and patterns of traditional Spanish flamenco ‘fiestas’.

Proposed fonts:

Dusseldot Regular 150
Chieu Display Typeface
Circe Regular


Viva España Festival
Rocio Molina oficial
Rubén Olmo oficial (Foto de Rubén Olmo: Javier Caró)
Patricia Guerrero oficial
Israel Galván oficial


Gold in Events 2021, Student

Silver in Branding 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Kate Zakharova

University or Design School

British Higher School of Art and Design

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¡VIVA ESPAÑA! Flamenco Festival