Logic Switch

by Blangk Ltd.

Logic Switch Inc. offers design and development of electronic products. They specialize in Circuit Design, Printed Circuit Board Design Layouts, as well as Turn-Key Manufacturing from prototype to production. The company asked for an identity that not only reflects their service but makes them stand out from their competitors.
Circuit design is a competitive field in an industry generally not known for creative branding. We took advantage of this to allow our client to better position themselves when bidding for new projects, creating a brand that stands out from their competitors. We chose yellow as the primary color, and black as the secondary, because yellow symbolizes a light bulb, as well as happiness and the positive energy of working with Logic Switch. Lastly, yellow and black ​is the highest ​contrast​ color combination, allowing our client to stand out while maintaining simplicity.
The logo was inspired by and formed with various electric symbols to create a distinct, memorable logo. Lastly, we created a unique business card based on the concept of an on/off switch, which can be seen when the card is slightly folded.


Gold in Logos 2021

Gold in Branding 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Lenny Ming Lo

Design Company

Blangk Ltd.


Logic Switch

Design Team

Lenny Ming Lo, Sae Shigeto