Saintly Flavours

by Bonggu(Jeremy) Kang

Saintly Flavours is a gourmet food gift set to be sold in the deli section of high-end shops. Along with the trend that food and the act of eating have become fashionable, the inspiration for the project comes from 2018’s Met Gala fashion theme of Catholicism.
The name of the brand, 'Saintly Flavours', represents the rich tradition of high-quality food made by medieval monasteries. And the names of each food item of the set represent the values from Catholicism; Meditation, Benediction, Generosity, Moderation, Patience, Reward, Happiness, Integrity.
The logo for the brand was comprised of the profile of a monk with a halo and a goblet in an etching style illustration. Detailed and ornate etching-style illustrations of each Abbey are placed in medieval style hand-drawn frames on the front of the label. To increase consumer engagement with the product, the back labels include information on the Abbey and the flavours.


Silver in Packaging Design 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Bonggu(Jeremy) Kang

University or Design School

LaSalle College Vancouver

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