Environmentally Friendly Geisha Drip Bag Coffee

by HWC ROASTERS, Hong Da Design Studio

First original creation of the world Environmentally friendly packaging materials, The packaging of this product uses special environmentally friendly materials and special printing technology. These eco-friendly high-density fiber paper and food-grade film, which is environmentally friendly and easy to decompose and reduce environmental pollution. It is different from the aluminum foil and plastic composite material used in the filter-hanging coffee outer packaging, therefore this new packaging material is able to achieve ecological sustainability benefits.

Coffee is not only an addictive favorite drink but also can be creatively transformed into beautiful works of art. Geisha coffee is like a treasure in the coffee world. Its name Geisha is similar to the pronunciation of Japanese geisha. This is the starting point to incorporate Japanese Ukiyo-e into coffee-related elements and to highlight the elegant image of geisha coffee indicating its complex levels through an interesting derivative work creation method.

While enjoying this unique taste of geisha coffee, the beautiful works of art are really a feast for the eyes, as if wandering in the double feast of vision and taste and watching a profound artistic performance.


Gold in Packaging Design 2021, Freelancer

Silver in Illustration 2021, Freelancer

Created by:


Jiang Hong-Da