by Gabriela Melina

The suicide rate has been increasing over the years, and it's not getting better either. It was caused by a mental disorder, mainly depression, that led to the feeling of loneliness. However, we can still help them by being on their side and listening to their struggle even though it helps just a little.

This project aims to engage people in interacting with the art installation and generating a visual based on the movement. It depicts the idea that people's actions will affect others, hence the name of the campaign #Your_Action_Matters.

The installation is using the Touchdesigner software with motion tracking and data input that will generate the visual. The data will be taken from the number of suicide rates over the years.


Gold in Mix Media/Moving Image 2021, Student

Gold in Mix Media/Moving Image for Social Change 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Gabriela Melina

University or Design School

Raffles Design Institute Jakarta

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