Cora: Ratifying Your Recovery

by Savannah Wilkinson

Physical therapy is failing athletes. Not only are the current practices outdated and inaccessible, but they don’t even address the entire issue. Introducing, CORA. CORA is an application, product, and system to ratify the recovery process for athletes. Instead of stacks of paper and verbal instructions, CORA uses comprehensive physicality guides, information visualization, and instant connections to rehabilitate the athlete. There are three systems at play.
Obviously, the biggest part of dealing with an injury is the physical healing process itself. CORA has in-app at-home physical therapy solutions that rival in-office practices. Through the use of our product, the CORA Smart Sleeve, athletes are able to thoroughly track, analyze, and send their PT workout data to their physical therapist instantly. Which, in hand, provides athletes with more feedback, faster. CORA’s training techniques allow for faster physical recovery, virtually, without sacrificing hours to expensive, in-office treatments.
However, we know it’s not always about just the physicality. CORA also has assigned sports psychologists to enable athletes to focus on their mental wellbeing, which often gets left out of physical training agendas. An injury doesn’t just hurt physically, there are immense and intense mental consequences as well. The mental side of CORA’s application features several resources for athletes to use when they begin feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of their recovery. Combined with a daily mood survey, athletes are able to visualize and track their mental health right alongside their physical recovery journey.
Athletes could not complete the healing journey on their own. CORA allows for connections between the athlete, physical therapist, coach, and sports psychologist to be easy, fast, and intuitive. Creating these open channels of communication is essential to the recovery process.

CORA is the new way to recover.


Gold in Interaction Design 2021, Student

Silver in Mobile App 2021, Student

Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation 2021, Student

Silver in Interactive Design 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Savannah Wilkinson

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Design Team

Savannah Wilkinson, Sullivan Wilcox, Satchel Hallmark, Taylor Rosenfeld, and Sara Williams

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Individual Credits

Team Lead: Savannah Wilkinson
Visual Design Lead: Sullivan Wilcox
Product Design Lead: Satchel Hallmark