by Daniela Gomez-Quintero

This project focuses on the TNR (Trap Neuter Return) process. TNR is the process of trapping feral cats to neuter or spay them to prevent them from reproducing and increasing their populations further. Through our research, both primary and secondary, we were able to see the benefits of high-intensity TNR. We also saw in our primary research that the current way it is conducted was highly rooted in analog methods. Even purchasing an automated trap was extraordinarily expensive and almost unheard of.
We wanted to create a system for our users so that they could easily plan and log their TNR process. In order to do this we needed to address the main pain point in the process; the trap. Many users cited that they made modifications to the existing traps for the cats’ comfort. Additionally, they recounted their fears of cats being harmed in the trapping process. Current traps do not account for tails and paws that may not be all the way in the trap, so they can get caught between the metal.
Our system consists of a completely reimagined AI enabled trap, DIY kit, and a companion app.

Feature 1- Trap
Designed with the caretaker and cat’s best interest in mind, the catCove trap incorporates a smart camera in a comfortable environment for cats. The trap features 2 drawers; one for food bowls and one for accessing the pad for cleaning. The top cover also folds off to reveal a wire under-cage which is preferred by vets.
Feature 2- App
The mobile app automates tracking, logging, trapping, and organizing with TNR groups. The catCove app wirelessly connects to the partner trap or trap attachment that the caretaker has. This allows the trap to notify the caretaker of any cats that are identified and if they are in...


Silver in Interactive Design 2021, Student

Bronze in Apps 2021, Student

Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Daniela Gomez-Quintero

University or Design School

Savannah College of Art and Design

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Daniela Gomez-Quintero - Project Lead Madison Jason - Prototype Lead Cherie Chen - Interaction Design Lead Kelly Pobgee - Research Lead Jasmine...

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Individual Credits

Project Lead: Daniela Gomez-Quintero
Prototype Lead: Madison Jason
Interaction Design Lead: Cherie Chen