by Juliana Sampaio

Synteam is a desktop application for competitive Esports players and coaches. The desktop application provides an in-depth analysis of mechanical, strategic, and interpersonal skills; allowing both players and coaches to be aware of the areas that require improvement. The project started with the prompt ‘digital twins’. After extensive secondary research, our group decided on the topic of Competitive Esports. With Esports exponentially growing in demand and its close ties to technology, we felt that the topic had the most potential with the prompt of digital twins.
To further our understanding with esports we reached out to sports psychologists, esports coaches, team captains, and players to gain a better understanding of our target audience and understand user pain points. What we learned was that there is a need for understanding team dynamics beyond mechanical skills and develop a common ground for teams to use. So, we created Synteam to be that common ground for esports coaches and players. The application is specifically targeted to esports players and coaches seeking success in the collegiate and amateur leagues as they lack funding and there is a demand for more support for players. In the process of solidifying our design and its core functions, we reached out to current esports coaches and players and conducted user testings. We were also able to do expert user testings to improve on the UI of our design.
This is how Synteam settled down on 3 main functions being, a team training space through missions, simulations for past matches, and the ability to view team status and compatibility. The team training space will be created using data gathered from the game API as well as the DISC test which players took during the onboarding process. Based on the data collected, Synteam will provide suggestions and methods for individuals...


Silver in Digital Ads and Campaigns 2021, Student

Silver in Interactive Design 2021, Student

Bronze in Apps 2021, Student

Bronze in Animation & Illustration for Websites 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Juliana Sampaio

University or Design School

Savannah College of Art and Design

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Design Team

Juliana Sampaio - Project Manager Yeji Han - Research Daniela Gomez-Quintero - Interaction Design Josh Edgar - Product Design

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Individual Credits

Project Manager: Juliana Sampaio
Research: Yeji Han
Product Design: Josh Edgar