by Alex Wang

This is a rebranding project for travelodge hotel. The content includes the conceptual design of the well-known british hotel brand "TRAVELODGE", designing products related to various aspects of the brand identified by the company, and brand planning.

The triangular logo composed of capital letters "T" and "L" symbolizes the corner of the street. Travelers can enjoy the services provided by TRAVELODGE in many corners of the city, it is fast, convenient and affordable. The visual design is based on blue, which reinforces TRAVELODGE's well-known business image. These concepts will be completed through design and build the TRAVELODGE brand value step by step.


Silver in Hotels & Resorts 2021, Student

Silver in Branding 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Alex Wang

University or Design School

New York Institute of Technology

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