Social Movement

by Det nye sort

Loneliness and obesity are two of the biggest challenges worldwide in 2021. vVitas is a digital platform that focuses on strengthening human health as well as their social relations. vVitas has the leading-edge when it comes to an intuitive platform that connects the sports community and attracting active people within different types of exercise and levels thereof – mainly focusing on the social aspect rather than performance.
Their new graphic identity is designed to start a conversation and positions vVitas as the active peoples preferred platform. The logo design is developed from the positive and dynamic driving forced that can be lead from the name and its shapes. The colors enforce the encounter between the humanistic and the digital and the graphic elements that compliments the logo are inspired by The 8 efforts of human motion. The result is a graphic design that both supports a practical use of digital platforms and a forthcoming expression that match the underlying idea of a social movement.


Silver in Branding 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Louise Kunø

Design Company

Det nye sort

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Design Team

Louise Kunø Helle Grau Jensen Mads Barrington


Entrant Companies

Det nye sort, DK


vVitas, DK