Red Hat Marketplace, Operated by IBM

by IBM

In 2019, IBM acquired Red Hat for $34 billion, which opened up the opportunity for a new endeavor—one that would change the way enterprise software is bought and sold. With the Red Hat Marketplace product design team specifically chosen to design and build this ambitious new ecosystem, we lead the charge in the consumerization of IT—dead simple, consumer-focused, and driven by user experience.

From a process perspective, we relied heavily on IBM Design Thinking to collectively identify our users, as-is, pain points, and to-be scenarios. From this work, we uncovered and began testing a core set of features deemed as “differentiators.” Our key differentiator is a simpler way to buy and manage enterprise software for any cloud running Red Hat OpenShift®. We are all about empowering our users, making it easier for them to discover, try, buy, and manage certified software for container-based environments in public clouds and on-premises. With automated deployment, we give users access to software that they can immediately deploy on any Red Hat OpenShift cluster—offering a fast, integrated experience. Red Hat Marketplace is a one-stop-shop and for large enterprises that truly equates to improved ROI, which is simply smart business. 

The new brand and creative direction for Red Hat Marketplace comes to life with an approachable, human-focused illustration style that is light and airy, tying together a narrative thread around containerized cloud deployment. Expanding on Red Hat’s core color palette of red, black, and white—shades of light blue are introduced to soften and complement the dynamic. A visual play of puffy white cloud parachutes deploying bright red containers from an expansive blue sky strikes a balance of playfulness and ease in a complex technology space.

While Red Hat Marketplace has involved countless people across many teams to fully realize this effort in just over a year,...


Gold in UX, Interface & Navigation 2021

Silver in Animation & Illustration for Websites 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Neil Everette, UX / Sarah Walter, Creative / Corey Keller, Visual / Eleanor Bartosh, Research

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Individual Credits

Design Director: Robert Uthe
Design Managers: Bethany Doan, Colin Narver
Creative Director: Sarah Walter