by Feixue Mei

In the context of globalization, cultural manipulation, and language adaptation, how does the typographic landscape around the internet, fan-space, and shared online platforms influence contemporary interaction and shape cultural identity. A story between me and my internet persona.

“Bullet chats” is a new system of commenting that overlays “flying” texts onto video display also synchronizes them to the video timeline. Chinese youth mix foreign languages and Chinese to create their own cyber-pidgin and use it in “bullet chats”

How do they use “bullet chats” to create their own space and refuse outsiders from entering into space both linguistically and visually? “Bullet chats” is graffiti on top of the original. It is a unique way to reject the ownership and copyright of the original. It is designed to be "anti-designed" through messy, colorful text and overloaded usage of typography.


Bronze in Illustration 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Feixue Mei

University or Design School

Virginia Commonwealth University