Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum Identity

by Daria Sinyukhina

Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum is a large association, consisting of twelve branches, museum houses and apartment houses of theater workers: directors, writers, actors, artists.
The visual dimension of the project is based on the disclosure of the concept of "theatricality". A large logo, based on an intricate display typeface, transforms into decorative backdrops, and characters, caught by the light, gently dissolve in space. The variability of the compositional components is designed to solve the problem of creating different images, and the color separation is intended to identify the branches.
The project includes: Cyrillic logo of the association, Cyrillic museum’s logos, museum’s advertising posters, booklet with museum’s events program, double-sided souvenir bag, tickets and business documentation elements.


Gold in Logos 2021, Student

Silver in Branding 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Daria Sinyukhina

University or Design School

National Design Institute