Mind without borders

by Fang-Ping Hsu, Chien-Chen Lai, Prof. Kai-Chu Li

Mind without borders is an APP used to care for children during the spread of infectious diseases, by establishing anonymous communication of information between children in various countries, health tracking, communication with family and friends, and connections with psychotherapists and volunteers to alleviate the decline in mental health of children as a result of the epidemic.

Mind without borders serial global quarantine network allows children to see and understand the psychological conditions of other children living in isolation and quarantine around the world, and to care for each other and ease loneliness and stress through anonymous e-mail or voice communication, while the time required for messaging corresponds to the distance between reality and reality, creating expect.

Mind without Borders allows children or care providers to return health information, enabling online volunteers and psychotherapists to help in a timely manner, thereby reducing the burden on health care workers.


Gold in Apps for Social Change 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Fang-Ping Hsu, Chien-Chen Lai, Prof. Kai-Chu Li

University or Design School

Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT)

Design Team

Fang-Ping Hsu, Chien-Chen Lai, Prof. Kai-Chu Li