ONE for Every Hump

by Leila Singleton

A decade after being named a winner in the inaugural ONE Condoms wrapper design contest, ONE invited me, along with eight other "All-Star" artists, to create new wrapper graphics. In return for our artworks, each All-Star would receive a donation of 1,000 condoms for a health organization of their choice, which could be increased with votes from visitors to the ONE Condoms website.

Sex is still an uncomfortable subject for many people, so I opted for humor in my design while conveying a condom 101 tip: use a new rubber for every sex act. That tip morphed into the artwork's title, "ONE for Every Hump," and inspired the imagery of two camels whose humps are capped with condoms. The patterns in the background were inspired by the Indian art of decorative camel hair shearing. Portions of the artwork were drawn in graphite, and others were drawn digitally.

"ONE for Every Hump" garnered enough votes from the public to rack up more than 2,500 condoms for my charity, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, and was ultimately released for sale to the public as part of both ONE's All-Stars and Artist Collections.


Silver in Packaging Design 2021, Freelancer

Bronze in Illustration 2021, Freelancer

Created by:


Leila Singleton


ONE Condoms



ONE Condoms, US