Kudong Tribe

by Fang-Ping Hsu, Chien-Chen Lai, Prof. Kai-Chu Li

Kudong Tribe is designed for preschool children touch and voice control interactive education game, including the game APP and accessories interactive device, accessories device provides light, sound, touch function, and can be connected by a belt, fixed to the palm and shank so that it enhances the interactive experience of children patting, waving, sound.

As the outbreak affects over 200 million children who cannot attend school, especially preschoolers who chronically cannot attend nurseries and kindergartens, there will be a lack of social learning and poor psychological growth.

Kudong Tribe through a variety of educational games can make children carry out remote multiplayer interaction and learning, simulate the interaction experience in reality, and can be with real family and friends, learning social interaction, music, posture coordination, language, emotions, and other fields, lead them to study it through fun.


Silver in Interactive Design 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Fang-Ping Hsu, Chien-Chen Lai, Prof. Kai-Chu Li

University or Design School

Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT)

Design Team

Fang-Ping Hsu, Chien-Chen Lai, Prof. Kai-Chu Li, WiseChip Semiconductor Inc., TSGS Inc.


Entrant Companies

WiseChip Semiconductor Inc.,, TW