by Huang Sheng-Lun, Lin Chih-Yen, Prof. Kai-Chu Li

TEA.P Egg is a marinated tea bag that uses tea leaves as raw egg packaging. Tea egg is a characteristic egg dish in Chinese culture. Raw eggs are made with tea to make the eggs have a unique fragrance. The different recipes of each company also create a unique tea egg gourmet culture, which becomes the memory of people's hometown. The TEA.P Egg improves the complex production process of traditional tea eggs. It only needs to be cooked in a container together with the tea shell, allowing busy office workers to enjoy tea eggs marinated in local tea and Chinese medicine. TEA.P Egg inherits the pressing method of the traditional tea brick culture, pressing tea leaves and traditional Chinese medicines that add flavor and nutrition into a tea shell; the tea shell echoes the mountain shape of the tea species, which can be distinguished in an intuitive way, and the paper structure is used to connect multiple pieces The transport carrier of TEA.P Egg reduces environmental pollution caused by existing packaging.


Bronze in Packaging Design 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Huang Sheng-Lun, Lin Chih-Yen, Prof. Kai-Chu Li

University or Design School

Ming Chi University of Technology

Design Team

Huang Sheng-Lun, Lin Chih-Yen, Prof. Kai-Chu Li