Grimm Reality

by Emily Chi

Student Brief: Choose an organization, group, business or institution that you think might benefit from having a fresh campaign to help increase awareness, change perception or promote an existing product / service in a new light (potentially to a new audience).

Animal cruelty campaigns often attempt to inspire advocacy by inciting anger by using sensational images and information. This method is powerful and can be successful, but it can also be off-putting to the mainstream public.

Grimm Reality is a campaign that utilizes the aesthetic and tone of the classic fairy tale to spark interest in the advocacy work of NYCLASS, a non-profit animal rights organization founded on the core mission of saving NYC carriage horses. Fairy tales are master narratives of folklore and legends of cultures and once upon a time. They have been romanticized and sanitized, the often dark reality hidden and lost. The horse and the carriage is a beautiful and romantic image, but the truth is less so.


Bronze in Branding for Social Change 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Emily Chi

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