Branding for a yoga & pilates teacher

by Halszka Staniewicz

When I designed the visual identity for a yoga & pilates teacher Lela Jasmine, I wanted it to stand out from the crowd of the many similar yoga brandings out there. Bespoke illustrations depicting Lela's favourite yoga poses combined with beautiful photography create an identity with a spiritual yogi edge while staying open to everyone discovering the practice for the first time. Natural earth tones inspired the colour palette, and the addition of black brings the idea of the strength you can get through yoga and pilates further to life. | Graphic design + Art Direction by Halszka Staniewicz , Photography by Emilija Milusauskaite.


Silver in Branding 2021, Freelancer

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Halszka Staniewicz

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Lela Jasmine Yoga & Pilates



Lela Jasmine Yoga & Pilates, GB