Holiday Card 2020

by Brendan Barry

For the last decade I have created an annual holiday card for family, friends, and coworkers that explores a fictional North Pole universe I continue to develop. Through illustrations and data visualisation I make jokes and references to current events and ultimately wish people a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. But in 2020, with so many people suffering, wishing everyone merriment and good tidings felt inappropriate. So in this year's card I tried to acknowledge the year's difficulties with an apology from a North Pole logistics company that had lost the recipient's parcel in transit. Then at the end I broke the fourth wall to address some of those difficulties and yet still offer some hope that 2021 will slowly improve and that next year I might again wish everyone merriment. The outside of the card uses silver ink atop a dark blue. That blue then carries over onto the single colour interior. The charts and diagrams reference Christmas and Hanukah shapes, e.g. Christmas trees, menorahs, wreaths, and stockings. The text, typeset in Heldane and Akkurat, contains numerous jokes and references and at the end of the in-universe section a short list of some of the people we lost in 2020.


Silver in Illustration 2021, Freelancer

Bronze in Typography 2021, Freelancer

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Brendan Barry

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