Capturing Communism

by Sophie Protheroe

As part of my study at Shillington Education I undertook a brief to rebrand the Life under Communism museum in Warsaw.

From my research I identified the target audience of this museum as individuals with interest in travel, history, art and politics. I decided that these are well educated people with a vast knowledge of global political ideologies throughout history. They are the type of people who seem to know everything about everything. With this in mind I wanted to create an identity for the museum that challenged their pre-existing knowledge that was full of mystery and intrigue to entice their curious minds (and maybe even try to prove them wrong).

When considering what would attract the target audience my brainstorming led me to the concept ‘nothing but the truth’ which focusses on uncovering the truth about what it was really like living under communism. The element of truth and lies referencing to the heavy use of propaganda at the time which tends to paint a false picture of reality. The museum itself combats these lies by revealing the truth through authentic artefacts and validated information displayed at the museum. Therefore, the rationale behind choosing to rename the museum to Capturing Communism was to emphasise accurately looking at a snapshot of time and that is what the museum aims to do.

For the visual identity of the museum I loved the idea of exposing the truth through torn elements which inspired the graphic elements in the logo. The interaction of the graphic elements concealing some of the type also emphasises the idea that there has been a cover up.

The repetition of the torn graphic elements has been used throughout the museum rollout. Other elements of the visual language include the use of real photography to emphasise the authenticity and...


Gold in Branding 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Sophie Protheroe

University or Design School

Shillington Education


Life Under Communism Museum (Fictional client)