Saari Chocolate

by Renan Artur Vizzotto

Saari is a Dominican chocolate brand with a Finnish twist. We were tasked to bring its tropical roots front and centre while maintaining the Scandinavian minimalism. To find the inspiration for the project, we just had to sit back under a palm tree and look around to have our own Eureka moment. Luckily, no coconut fell on our heads, but one thing struck us: nothing represents more the tropicals than the evergreen, majestic palm trees, which are all over the Dominican Republic. 
The logotype was designed based on the palm tree leaves, with large filled spots and peaked white space. As a Finnish-owned company (with its farm and factory headquartered in the Dominican Republic), we decided to create a minimalist design. The solution was simplifying the palm tree leaf counters in a flexible triangle, bringing simplicity to match the tropical colors and logotype. That way, we can use the number of triangles to represent the cacao percentage or the recipe mix in the package.


Gold in Branding 2021, Freelancer

Gold in Packaging Design 2021, Freelancer

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Renan Artur Vizzotto

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