Children’s Wisconsin Shine Through Anthem Video

by SRH

Kids in Wisconsin face a mental and behavioral health crisis, with higher rates of suicide and mental health conditions than much of the country — but with limited access to pediatric mental health resources. Shine Through is a 5 year initiative of Children's Wisconsin to help address the mental and behavioral health challenges of kids in Wisconsin and was introduced to the community with the Shine Through Anthem Video. A dynamic beacon of hope and optimism amid the dark realities, the spot utilizes a colorful light-writing aesthetic starring Wisconsin kids to spark interest and involvement from the community, while raising awareness of the critical need.


Gold in Mix Media/Moving Image for Social Change 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Sam Hogerton

Design Company


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Children’s Wisconsin

Design Team

Creative Director — Sam Hogerton Sr. Art Director — Chris Beanan Art Director — Mauricio Alverez Designer — Adam Nelson Designer — Angela Ryan

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Individual Credits

Creative Director: Sam Hogerton
Sr. Art Director: Chris Beanan
Art Director: Mauricio Alverez