Nightmare Island

by Shin yu na, Song Young eun

Have you ever been unable to sleep properly because of a scary dream? Nightmare Island is a psychological test mobile game that diagnoses current nightmare conditions and creates customized guardians. Let's go together to find the guardian of nightmares hidden deep in our unconscious!
Most people who suffer from nightmares are said to inform people around them of their nightmares or relieve their pain by reading interpretations.
Nightmare Island provides positive energy that relieves the pain of nightmares by going into unconsciousness, talking about nightmares with Sagong and meeting the guardian of nightmares and sharing stories about dreams of interpretation.


Gold in Mobile Games 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Shin yu na, Song Young eun

University or Design School

Hongik University

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Design Team

Shin yu na, Song Young eun

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