UKRI | Infographic

by Nucco Brain

As part of their COVID-19 emergency response, UKRI published a series of articles on the science
behind coronavirus. As the disease quickly became a pandemic, the UK government urgently
needed to get out more information about coronavirus, and turned to us for help explaining this
complex scientific material through engaging content.

The Challenge
UKRI partnered with us to produce unique and engaging content for their website for both the
general public and the scientific community. We were tasked with turning a series of text-heavy
articles on COVID-19 into digestible infographics for wider distribution, offering quicker, effective
insights. Working on such reactive content, in response to a constantly-evolving global crisis,
a quick turnaround was essential.

Our Solution
We reacted rapidly to the government’s need, producing four eye-catching pieces of content
that offered clear insights into complex topics in a digestible format. Working alongside the
government’s experts, these stunning and scientifically accurate illustrations and infographics
were created in a matter of days, supporting UKRI and British government’s ongoing campaign
around COVID-19.


Silver in Digital Design for Social Change 2021

Silver in Animation & Illustration for Websites 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Stefano Marrone

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Nucco Brain

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