by Edena Alvarado

The Museum of Me is a virtual reality safe space that curates personalized exhibits on mental, emotional, and physical sexual wellbeing in a comfortable setting to help inform users and facilitate empathy around sexual subjects. This VR experience was created in response to the recent pandemic and the increase in the need for comprehensive E-Learning environments. Sex-Ed is currently ‘one-size-fits-all’ with curriculum often skewed towards only physical health or abstinence-only ideology. Through responsive personalization based on preference input by the user during onboarding, MoMe creates specialized exhibits centered around the nuances of sexual health. Users can easily navigate their space and are invited to seek information based on what they feel is relevant.
Each exhibit has specific example-based instructions as well as emissive visual cues that lead them through the subjects. In The Scenario Arcade, users are provided simulated first-hand experience with complex social situations that require empathy, compassion, and critical thinking. Each game console tests a different skill and helps correct apathetic behavior. In The Hormone Machine, movement is paired with progressive disclosure as the users interact with different hormones and learn what effects these chemicals have on the body. Next, The Partnership empowers users with autonomous motivation to seek out information on gender and sexuality, allowing space to navigate their own sexual identity as well as their potential partners. Finally, in The Method Match-Maker, all current and applicable birth-control methods are on display along with an explanation of the true side effects of the method and quick facts about the reality of the effectiveness with consideration to human error. The Match-maker also utilized the user’s onboarding preferences to highlight the most compatible methods for each user, as well as what to do if there is a possibility of pregnancy. Throughout the Museum of Me, there is an emphasis...


Gold in Interaction Design 2021, Student

Gold in 3D CAD 2021, Student

Gold in Animation & Illustration for Websites 2021, Student

Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation for Games 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Edena Alvarado

University or Design School

Savannah College of Art and Design

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Design Team

Dallin Higgins, Taylor Primuth, Edena Alvarado

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Individual Credits

UX Engineer and VR Developer: Dallin Higgins
Visual & Interaction Design: Taylor Primuth
Project Lead & Research Strategist: Edena Alvarado