The Good News

by Naz Naddaf, Sonia Malpeso, Karen Mata

The Good News had small beginnings, starting off as a graphic design thesis project by Naz Naddaf in response to the posed question, “Why are you here?”. The answer, back then, was “to create a little wave of positivity, however small it may be.” At the time, it felt like the world was clouded in bad news, with a constant battle for world-domination-type headlines. That ‘wave’ took shape in the form of a printed newspaper: sourcing, curating and delivering – you guessed it – good news. The first edition was printed and distributed in cafes around Dubai, United Arab Emirates, TGN’s hometown.

The first edition, however, was short-lived. The Good News intended to always remain free, but could not secure the necessary funding it needed to continue to print and distribute, let alone be curated, designed, and published by a single person. A print newspaper was imperative; the newspapers as we know them today are permanent records of our negligance as humans, and it was important to help rewrite that narrative, and publish our positive progress as well.

Fast forward to 2017, where Naz Naddaf, Sonia Malpeso, and Karen Mata met in Basel, Switzerland, and combined their magical forces to rethink the design of the newspaper and launch a crowd-funding campaign to revive The Good News. The campaign was a success, and secured the funds to print the second edition. TGN #2 was distributed at I Never Read, the Art Book Fair that is a sister event of Art Basel, where we managed to secure funding for one more edition. TGN #3 released its latest issue in 2018, which transformed the newspaper from general positive reporting to positive reporting through a critical lens – one that took a firmer stance on what may not be of public opinion, but what we believe...


Gold in Magazine & Newspaper Design for Social Change 2021, Freelancer

Created by:


Naz Naddaf, Sonia Malpeso, Karen Mata

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