Meet the New DSM Video

by InVision

The best marketing in the world is about creating products and experiences that people love. The InVision platform delights more than 7 million people who use it to build memorable digital experiences that drive advocacy, virality, and bottom-lines. InVision does the same for its own marketing.

In 2020, companies need to make digital product design efficient and cohesive. Our new Design System Manager (DSM), launched in August, allows teams to do just that, even better than before. At the most essential level, DSM is an accelerant of digital product development, and its adoption allows teams to streamline workflow and branding.

So how did we communicate the new DSM to our target customers? True to our ethos, we chose to communicate through design. Enter: the Meet the New Invision DSM video.

In just over a minute with cutting-edge animation, InVision’s marketing team simply and beautifully guides the viewer through exactly why their company needs the new DSM without feeling forced. The new style of 3D animation showcases team collaboration, digital toolboxes, and more using simple yet elevated graphics. Great advertising educates and intrigues. That’s what we feel we achieved here. Moreover, the video provides a sneak-peek to what teams can produce themselves.

The key message—collaboration—is reinforced audibly and visually throughout the video. That’s the selling point here: DSM enables designers, developers, and others to collaborate seamlessly and quickly, removing barriers to communication and high-friction handoffs, while letting teams establish a system of components together so they can build much more fluidly.


Gold in Computer Animation 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Andy Orsow

Design Company


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Individual Credits

CEO: Clark Valberg
Creative Director, Product Video: Andy Orsow