Taiwanese Font Design - PANTOH

by Li,Chia-Han

"""Bando, or the catered banquet, is an important aspect of Taiwanese culture that perfectly captures Taiwanese warmth, goodness, and hospitality. The team used bando dishes as their inspiration to condense traditional family cuisine and warmth into three fonts: Entrée (Chilled) - , Main (Feast) and Dessert (Mana). Together they form a rich feast that brings back everyone’s memories of Taiwan’s culinary culture and also translates this passion into a visual smorgasbord.
The team not only created a clever connection between traditional culture and visual design but also turned the catering part of bando into companionship. It is companionship and sharing that gave rise to the culture of warmth, goodness and hospitality represented by bando. A “banquet of companionship” is the spirit that the team wishes to promote."""


Silver in Integrated Graphic Design 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer


University or Design School

Kun Shan University

Design Team

Lin,Tzu-Hsiang Yu,Wei Huang,Ting Wang, Ching Wu,Shuang-Lien