Alexander App

by L+R

Combining renowned writers, superior storytelling, and technology to invent a new form of entertainment. Listed internationally on Top 50 of Apple App Store charts, featured on NYT, Washington Post, Marie Claire, including award-winning writers, actors, and filmmakers, and with patent-pending technology. The Alexander app was born from the mind of talented Australian filmmaker Cameron Lamb, Alexander fuses past, present and future by bringing beloved non-fiction stories to life with carefully thought out visuals, short films, and a user experience that brings each story to life, in the palm of your hand. Fusing a traditional reading experience with the ease of audiobooks, the L+R team carefully groomed each feature of the project for the Alexander team, to ensure that small nuances, like bookmarks, were almost invisible in their execution, allowing for the full reading experience to be enjoyed without the bells and whistles distracting the user from immersing themselves in great stories.


Silver in Mobile Interaction & Experience 2021

Created by:

Lead Designer

Chris Martinié

Design Company


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Alexander Technologies

Design Team

Ryan Riegner, Alex Queudot, Ivan Leider


Individual Credits

Julia Keller
Alex Queudot
Ivan Leider