Sport Stage in Taiwan

by Lin,Yu-Cheng

"To find the excitement of the puppetry performance with the feeling of hot-blooded in sport.

The dream and culture of seedlings are the foundation of Sport Stage in Taiwan. By choosing those who dream, combine with Taiwan representative of art and tradition, through the experiments, to see the soft in the strength together with speed. Using the characteristic of wildness in illustration of Taiwanese culture, to create a series of posters. To promote Taiwanese culture by using the effect on the international sports, and let the dream of the young athletes be shine through."


Silver in Illustration 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer


University or Design School

Ling Tung University

Design Team

Chang,Hsin-Yu Amy Khoo, Yu-Ting Heng,Fock-Yang Lin,Yu-Fang Lee,Seng-Guan