Lit: Have an illuminated day

by Mingxiao Hu

Life during the pandemic can be challenging, and negative emotions are unavoidable. From time to time, we need to let out these emotions, while our research on Generation Z indicated that only 19% of them would proactively seek mental support during their difficult times. Concerns on communicating negative feelings with others include not knowing who to reach out to, not knowing how to explain the experience, not wanting to burden the close ones, and not wanting to receive unreasonable critiques from strangers on social networks.

However, additional literature review highlighted that disposing of negative emotions does not necessarily require interpersonal communication. An alternative solution can be a mobile application that is available anytime to provide a secure and private space for people to express themselves freely. From here, we present you Lit: have an illuminated day.


Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation 2021, Student

Bronze in Mobile App 2021, Student

Bronze in Mobile Interaction & Experience 2021, Student

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Mingxiao Hu

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Cornell University

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Cornell University CIS

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Mingxiao Hu - Research, interaction, motion Jingxuan Yu - Research, visual, illustration