Airbnb Eco

by Julie Søgaard Nielsen

Airbnb Eco is a final year project made in 2020
We are living in a world with high focus on the environment and the consumers interest and knowledge of sustainability has grown the last couple of years. 80% of the world population believing that “We are heading for environmental disaster unless we change our habits quickly”.
Sustainable products and services have gone from being rare and high-end to now being mainstream and something that the vast majority can afford. Even small sustainable initiatives can help reduce the eco-shame, and a sustainable future isn’t about following trends: it’s about taking responsibility for shaping your own future.

- Our behaviour and what we are willing to do is about our habits and traditions, and millennials are not willing to stop flying, but instead willing to change habits when travelling.
- More than half of Airbnb hosts around the world incorporate green practices into hosting, but nothing active is done to show it.

Airbnb Eco is the new member of the family. It gives guests the opportunity to stay eco when traveling and the hosts are able to get the eco-status.
The sub-brand makes it possible to stay eco no matter where you are and belong anywhere. Hosts are given the opportunity to obtain eco status and be certified as eco hosts.

Footage and images are borrowed from youtube, unsplash and the travel book.


Bronze in Branding for Social Change 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Julie Søgaard Nielsen

University or Design School

Skolen For Visuel Kommunkation, UC Syd, Denmark

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Julie Søgaard Nielsen

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