Anxiety Park

by Zhixin Huang



Human anxiety is innate, a sense of danger, primitive people see the birds in the trees suddenly scattered, know that there may be unknown wild animals in the depths of the forest, anxiety is a necessary condition for their survival. So today our instinct is always to fix the roof when the sun is shining, since our anxiety leads us to be nervous about the rainy days ahead.

One of the most frightening consequences of the spread of these values is that they become a standard that lives within you, and if you don't meet it, anxiety will always follow you around and become a constant shadow.

I designed the images of three monsters referring to some toys for people to vent their emotions, such as cube with buttons on six sides and rubber toys that can be pulled by arms. These toys for people to vent their emotions represent the principle of anxiety marketing.
The audience thinks that they have found a breakthrough to solve the emotional problems, but in fact, they are manipulated by their own emotions. However, what I want to express is not a negative meaning. I think in a serious attitude but express in a childish style work. My works show the results of my thinking, the spiritual world, and I hope that people who have seen my works can try to think about what I think, or they can choose not to think about it, but to see and touch these monsters as toys.


Gold in Character Design 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Zhixin Huang

University or Design School

Royal College of Art

Design Team

Zhixin Huang & Ruifeng Tang