by Palak Bhatt

India is known for its rich, colorful, and cultural vibrancy portrayed through different mediums of arts, particularly folk paintings. Every region in India has its style of traditional painting that leads to a visual treat as they use natural and vibrant colors, with a rich historical perspective and various mediums to depict on.

I hail from the western part of India and have grown up looking at various Indian art forms. My source of inspiration for illustrations and design has derived from these art forms. There has long been a global market for Indian paintings and other antiquities, but interest in the Indian art has lagged in the US. After moving to San Francisco, I noticed the lack of awareness of Indian folk paintings and would strongly like to promote them.

The appreciation of the cultural context is critical to understanding the significance of traditional folk paintings. The Kala Foundation aims to establish a new platform to showcase these beautiful Indian Folk Paintings and make them more accessible to an international market.
The proposal for an exhibition of three distinct forms of Indian Folk Paintings: Madhubani from the state Bihar, Gond from the state Madhya Pradesh, and Warli from the state Maharashtra.


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