by Calvin Kong

EDO is an indoor based digital application that utilised Microsoft Kinect Motion Sensor (v2) technology to promote physical exercises and healthy living. EDO features real-time combat via a first-person perspective. Due to the theme nature, its style has been heavily inspired and influenced by the oriental culture.

EDO aims to let the user being physically active in their comfortable environment like home. It is different from the usual exercise games, like doing push-ups, running, jumping, and others exercise. It is demonstrated in the way of combating with the enemies, and some specially designed stages that require the user to move more.

The value of EDO is to provide a co-existed opportunity between exercise and recreational entertainment. So the user will not be boring and annoying upon doing exercise but will have more interest.


Silver in Interactive Design 2021, Student

Silver in PC Games 2021, Student

Created by:

Lead Designer

Calvin Kong

University or Design School

Raffles College of Higher Education

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