Walking With Autism

by Ong Wee Kiat

Ranking 9th in the world for the prevalence of autism, an estimated figure of 1 in 150 children are officially diagnosed with autism, also known as autism spectrum disorder. (ASD), in Singapore. This makes it higher than the world average of 1 in 160 children according to the World Health Organisation. Some possible reasons for the rising numbers are due to the broadening of the criteria and expanding spectrum of ASD, more people are educated and have a greater awareness as well as better detections. However, it seems like society is not readily prepared to accept the surging numbers. A commissioned survey by Lien Foundation, in 2016, revealed that only 30% of the general public, 28% of parents with special needs children and 11% from the special needs professionals feel that Singapore is an inclusive society. As such, it creates a huge concern among parents with ASD children as their children's future remains uncertain and eventually will be left alone to fend themselves in an unwelcoming society when their parents leave one day. Taking a step back, one would see that the main issue is not the existence of autism itself. 'It takes both sides to build a bridge', reveals that the problem is the lack of connection and understanding between the neurotypicals and people with ASD. Harmony and diversity is the greater and long-term solution. Through narrative photography, the seeking of intimate and powerful moments behind closed doors, stories not seen by the eyes of the public, aims to convey a deeper understanding through sharing of stories by different families. The publication of the project 'Walking With Autism' seeks stories of unique interventions by different families from various backgrounds in order to witness their efforts and challenges they face to fit in and prepare for their child's future. This...


Gold in Book Design for Social Change 2021, Student

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